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What Startups Should Know About Security

Archis Gore, March 29th 2018 

At a startup, everything is important all the time. Cybersecurity can be a burden that only slows you down, has no end, is intractable and only adds cost. In this webinar, Archis Gore will go over methods to effectively create lightweight concrete execution plans that have a finite cost, are realistic, provide a tangible measurable benefit, are cheap if not outright free, and cover your bases with customers, investors, and regulators.  Register Now

Readhook Zero-Day Simulator 

This video demonstrates the functionality of Readhook, Polyverse's zero-day simulator tool. Watch on Vimeo


Understanding Spectre: Part 1

In this screencast, a Polyverse engineer describes in detail what the Spectre vulnerability is, how it works and why its effective against everything made in last two decades. Watch on Vimeo


Single Byte Data Leak

This video shows what attacks can be done with a single byte information leak. Watch on Vimeo


How does Polymorphic Linux Work?

Kiley Williams, February 13th 2018 

In this webinar, Kiley Williams goes from explaining how to craft a memory-based attack, into how to thwart it, and what a real-world application of Polymorphic Linux looks like. Watch on Vimeo


Do you really get memory based exploits?

Morgan Hein, January 9th 2018 

In this webinar, Morgan Hein discusses a new Open Source tool, EnVisen, which lets you view the exported symbols and ROP gadget surface area of your binaries in a visually-rich and purposeful way. All from directly within your browser. It can even compare binaries to visualize common attackable surface area and score your zero-day vulnerability risk with built-in entropy evaluation. Watch on Vimeo


Applying Moving Target Defense to Container Environments

Alex Gounares, June 22nd 2017 

In this webinar, Polyverse CEO Alex Gounares will explain how Moving Target Defense can be applied to make container environments impenetrable. Watch on Vimeo



Agile Security Manifesto

Agile Security seeks to create software that is fundamentally resilient to cyberattacks yet practical and easy to implement. These seven principles are guideposts to implementing agile security for software systems, from Internet of Things to cloud applications. Read More

Moving Target Defense

Instead of focusing on building prevention and failing at doing so, the security industry is starting to embrace the notion of cyber resiliency. A resilient system is one where breach is assumed, but has defenses designed such that the system can continue to operate safely and reliably.

Moving Target Defense is one such technique that enables system resiliency. Read More

Polyverse Product Brief

Polyverse Polymorphic Linux uses Moving Target Defense to strategically randomize memory layouts of the target application to stop memory exploitation attacks. With Polyverse, crafted exploits targeting a specific memory vulnerability simply will not work, even when the application is left unpatched. Read More

3rd Party Testing

ISACA- Polyverse Case Study

In this study, the attackers directly attacked the live, production website for Polyverse Corporation. The study conclusively demonstrated the resiliency of Polyverse’s Moving Target Defense technology against web-application and remote-code exploit attacks. Download Now